Social program


Get-together (fully booked)

Wednesday, September 1st at 7 pm

Venue: Fjellstua.

Fjellstua is located at Town Mountain Aksla, only a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue. Walk the 418 steps up from the Town Park or go by car or Taxi up to Fjellstua.

Advance registration is required.

Price: Included in the conference fee

The Get-together is fully booked. If you have not signed up in advance, you are welcome to ask at the registration desk if it is possible to join in.


Opening reception

The opening ceremony will take place on September 3rd at Scandic Parken. This will be followed by an opening reception.

Thursday September 2nd, 5.30 pm.

Venue: Scandic Parken Hotel

Must be pre-booked. If you have not signed up for the Opening reception, you are welcome to ask at the registration desk if it is possible to join in.

Price: Included in the conference fee


Saturday September 4th at 1.15 pm Duration: Departure is at 1.15 pm. We will return at 5.15 pm

We hope you will join us as we take a chartered cruise to the fjords surrounding Ålesund! We will make a stop at Trandal/Christiangaard Farm. Trandal is an old farming settlement in Hjørundfjord, without road connections to the outside world, and is surrounded by the mighty Sunnmøre Alps. Try the famous swing and get the view of a lifetime.

Meeting point: Meet at the main entrance of Scandic Parken at 12:50 pm.

We will walk together to the boat. The boat docks at the Rådhuskaien on the south side of Ålesund. This is right by the bus terminal and is within walking distance from the city centre.

Advance registration is required. If you have not signed up for the Fjord Cruise, you are welcome to ask at the registration desk if it is possible to join in.

Meals are not included. Refreshments can be bought on the boat.

Price: NOK 800



Congress dinner

Friday September 3rd at 7 pm

Venue: Øygardshallen on Giske, an island just outside the city

Must be pre-booked. If you have not signed up for the Congress Dinner, you are welcome to ask at the registration desk if it is possible to join in.

Departure from Scandic Parken Hotel by coaches at 6:30pm. Dinner starts at 7pm.

Departure from 11.00 pm and every 30 min until 2.00 am.

Price: NOK 500

The path up Mt. Aksla


Run for arthritis with SCR2021

As previously announced, we have a special treat for those of you who would like to do your workout while overviewing the city of Ålesund at the break of dawn:

A staircase run up the 418 steps to the top of Mount Aksla!

This is not a competition, but rather a social event and a fundraiser for the research fund of the Norwegian Assosiation for Rheumatic Patients. We kindly ask for your contribution to the research fund, which will be collected and transferred directly to the fund through electronic solutions (see below).

An amount of 100 NOK (approx. 10 EUR) would be appropriate, even more if you like, but donation is entirely optional.

It does not matter if you are in a good or a bad shape, as long as you get to the top in your own pace.

Patient representatives are encouraged to participate as well!

Those of you who still want to compete might log the segment on Strava!

After the main event we offer a guided run around the city mountain, which offers various tracks popular with local runners. The shortest course, approx. 3km, should be manageable for most of you, the longer, approx. 7 km, is suitable for trained runners.

Don`t waste time sleeping! Get up early and meet in the city park at the foot of the stairs at 06.45 am on Friday the 3rd!

A complete video of the track is available in our Facebook profile.

Please, give your donations at 

If necessary, ask for help from a Norwegian friend!

Thank you and welcome!



View from Gjuv, Ålesund in the background.

Hikingtrip to Mt. Storhornet

Sunday September 5th, Duration: 10 am-3 pm


Meeting point: Scandic Parken 09:45am

Departure 10am


Meeting point: Alnes Lighthouse 2:45pm

Departure 3pm back to the city centre and airport

As a bonus for those of you who are eager to explore Ålesund and the surrounding area, and wish to stay on until the day after congress ends

(Sunday), we plan for a hike to the top of Godøy island, one of the true classics among hikes within reach of the city.

An approximately 20 minute bus ride, through the subsea- tunnelling system outside Ålesund, leads us to starting point of Gjuv, on the southern shore of the island.

Direct transportation to the airport will be arranged for, for those of you with an afternoon flight

Price: NOK 100