About the city



A charming town with exciting cafeterias and restaurants, shops, galleries and a different accomodational opportunities. A wide selection of shops and galleries make even shopping enthusiasts feel at home. Along the picturesque fishing harbour of Brosundet lie sea houses which originally were used for receiving and preparing of fish.

Today they are housing hotels, offices and shops. If you are lucky, you might also have the opportunity to buy shrimps directly from a local fisherman? Take the trip ut the 418 steps to the mountain Aksla - the reward will be panoramic view of the coast, fjords and mountains surrounding the city. Lift your gaze while you explore the town and you will discover the many and varied expressions of Art Nouveau.

You will find elements of German Art Nouveau/jugendstil with elegant organic lines and asymmetry, hewn stone buildings inspired by American architecture and National Romantic details from the architecture of the stave churches.

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